In the old days if you wanted to meet someone, you would get dressed and go out with the purpose of meeting someone special and hopefully catch their eye across a crowded bar. However, in 2019, in a world which is becoming more fitness-oriented, it is more likely to meet someone special at the gym.

There’s no better place to fall for someone than when you are high on endorphins after a workout. At the gym there is no lying about height (no heels), about make-up or your ability to lift. If you meet someone who is as much into exercise as you are, then this is an instant attraction point. You are a great match because they understand why you need to make time for exercising.

So if you are single and a gym lover, here are some tips to help you meet the love of your life at the gym:

1. Dress to impress. Invest in your gym clothes because if you look good, you feel good and you are more likely to find the confidence to talk to someone. If you were hoping to meet someone on a night out, you would make an effort with your clothes, so if you are trying to flirt at the gym, you need to dress to impress. Just because you are going to sweat into your clothes, it doesn’t mean you should wear the oldest, baggiest work-out clothes.

2. Make eye contact and smile. Looking friendly will get a long way.

3. Take out your headphones. It’ is rather impossible to strike up a conversation with someone who is listening to music throughout their work-out. Make yourself available.

4. Use dumbbells. Usually there are more people around the weight rack, which means more opportunities to chat.

5. Ask for advice. The best way to approach someone at the gym is to seem fascinated by their wisdom and advice. So if you like the person on the leg press, ask them if they could help you increase the weight you can lift, or ask them about the best way to reduce the pressure on your back.

6. Nothing is sexier than enthusiasm. Don’t be embarrassed if you sweat and look messy. You don’t have to look perfect in order to be attractive at the gym. It’s better to throw yourself into a work-out and look hot, sweaty and messy than it is to stand on the sidelines pouting and avoiding lunges because you feel self-conscious. People who are into their work-out look like they are more fun to be with.

So go out there and make things happen.

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