Christmas is approaching and most of us tend to ruin our diets, skip workouts and may also gain a few extra kilos. Based on studies, the majority of people tend to gain additional weight during the holiday season so don’t feel ashamed, we are all guilty. But keep in mind you can still enjoy the holiday season and stay fit at the same time.

Here is how:

    1. Eat before you go out

      If you eat before you go to family dinners you are more likely to eat a normal size dinner. If you skip meals and starve yourself during the day because you know you will ruin your diet at night, you are more likely to fill up your plate, over-eat and feel full at dinner.

        2. Select your treats

          Make sure are selective with the treats you eat. You should choose something that you can only enjoy during the holiday season (for example, melomakarona) and not something that is available all year.

            3. Don’t skip meals

              If you ate too much the day before, make sure you don’t skip meals the next day because you feel guilty. This will lead to negative results.

                4. Drink alcohol in moderation

                  Drinking alcohol and soft drinks will only add extra calories to the ones you already eaten.

                    5. Get out of the house

                      Plan outdoor activities. Don’t just eat and chill on the couch throughout the holiday season.

                        6. Don’t skip your workouts (especially strength trainings)

                          You have to maintain that muscle mass you worked so hard for the past few months. You might be tempted to do more cardio because you ate some extra calories but remember that you can burn that with lifting weights. And you know what; those extra calories you eat on Christmas will help you gain some extra muscle.

                            7. Drink lots of water

                              Drinking water will fill up your stomach and keep you hydrated…and maybe prevent a hangover!

                                8. Eat less and more often

                                  Instead of having 2 huge meals, it’s better to have 5 small ones. Also try not to eat large meals before you go to sleep.

                                  So this it! If you follow these 8 tips, you will be back in shape in the first week of 2019!

                                  Happy Holidays everyone!

                                  Christmas dumbel tips staying fit

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