Let’s face it. Who wants to hit the gym in this hot weather? All we can think about at this time of the year is hitting the beach to cool off.

Even though summer is the most difficult time to work out, it can also be the most effective time for the following reasons:

1. Working out in the summer maintains a healthy body and boosts your self-confidence and mental health.

2. Small crowds. You have all the gym to yourself since most gymmers decide to rest in August.

3. Cheap prices. Every single gym has a summer offer to motivate people to join in the summer, since it’s their less busy period.

4. Working out in hot temperature burns more fat -- and calories -- because your body has to work harder to cool itself.

5. You have so many options to exercise outdoors. The days are longer, the sun is warm, and you don’t need a bench press to stay fit.

Tip: Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during summer workouts. Water replenishes your body's water content and a sports beverage can replenish your lost electrolytes.

working out in the summer heat

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